At GoBeyond, we are dedicated to helping graduates and experienced hires succeed in their job search campaigns. From the hottest startups to global brand name companies, our team works tirelessly to build relationships with the most innovative organizations and dynamic executive teams in the marketplace. We get our clients hired. Our commitment comes through in our clients' testimonials, is highlighted in our case studies, and is showcased through our key partnerships.


Our successful graduates and experienced hires are the best advocates of our process and commitment to results. Below are comments from several campaigners and their parents.


"I began my job search during my final year of college.
I participated in dozens of companies' recruiting efforts throughout the year and landed a number of first and second round interviews. However, the competition was keen and I wasn't the right fit for many of the firms and never received an offer.

Following my graduation I returned home to restart my search with GoBeyond. Within the first couple weeks of the campaign, I was overwhelmed with responses and interviews from targeted companies that matched my interests and ambitions. Throughout the several months I was engaged with GoBeyond, I honed my skills as an interviewer and gained exposure to a wide breadth or industries and roles. Without the expert advice and coaching I received with GoBeyond moving forward with my job search would have been a daunting task."

Brian R. — successful GoBeyond '13 client

"I started the process a year or so out of graduate school. I'd had a number of internships, contract positions and academic experience documented on a vague and scattered resumé that read as a confusing series of false starts that often elicited furrowed brows from hiring managers. GoBeyond turned my experience into an impressive snapshot of an ambitious and well-rounded graduate with a compelling story that was unique but also made sense. The first thing I heard from employers was that my resumé was the best they had ever seen. I know that this resumé is the first impression that distinguished me from the competition and was the first step to getting me a series of interviews and a job I'd never thought possible."

Laura S. — successful GoBeyond '14 client



"I feel certain (my daughter) would not have landed at
DreamWorks Animation without the GoBeyond process and your perseverance. Finding the opportunity and your coaching made it possible to open the door so she could get the job. This will provide the stability for her to take her career forward…many thanks for getting the results we wanted."

Joan L. — parent of successful '12 client

"Finding the opportunity, and your coaching, made it possible to open the door so she could get the job."

"This week my daughter started her new career. Each day she has called or texted me to say how exciting and wonderful it is. What a step up from the job that she found for herself upon graduation!

GoBeyond's guidance and expertise were truly invaluable. She had the opportunity to interview with a wide range of companies. She marveled at how GoBeyond anticipated not only what questions the interviewers would ask, but that they asked them almost verbatim. She felt extremely confident in the interview process, thanks to GoBeyond's expert coaching. The work that GoBeyond did in research and preparation in "taking her to market" was truly outstanding. We cannot imagine any circumstance under which she would have ended up at this company without the assistance of GoBeyond. Thank you so very much!"

JoAnne V. — parent of successful GoBeyond client



We have worked with recent graduates and experienced hires across many courses of study and industries of interest. What each client's unique path has in common is a shared passion and investment in an intrinsically and extrinsically rewarding future. Are you ready to invest in your future?
The GoBeyond Job Strategy

Kimberly was two months from graduation when she and her parents contacted GoBeyond. She had secured a 'highly' paid full-time internship at a public relations agency, with a $30,000 a year salary, but no benefits. She was not satisfied with the offer, and we agreed to help.

EVALUATION & STRATEGY Our in-depth interview with Kimberly uncovered that she loved technology, and what she really wanted was a role in marketing. We upgraded her resumé, refined her objectives, and crafted a campaign that focused on target companies in her desired geography and function, along with several additional criteria.

CAMPAIGN LAUNCH The campaign received a strong response, and with our coaching, Kimberly began replying to the interested companies. We coached her through each interview, refining her message and increasing her confidence with each positive response.

OFFER & ACCEPTANCE! She received her first offer a little over a month after we started. The offer was with a high profile technology company, in marketing, with a $61,000 total salary, plus benefits and even an option package!

Kimberly accepted the offer.

The GoBeyond Job Strategy

When Laura learned about GoBeyond's service, she was making $11/hour and was frustrated that she had not been able to leverage her degree to find a job in the entertainment industry that she loved.

EVALUATION & STRATEGY Our in-depth interview revealed Laura's passion for film-making and the production process. The entertainment industry is unique in many ways, including its hiring practices, so we crafted a campaign that would really help her stand out from the competition.

CAMPAIGN LAUNCH Timing in the entertainment industry is critical. When projects are green-lighted, they immediately have hiring needs to meet aggressive production deadlines. GoBeyond understood this industry-specific challenge. We created a campaign that demonstrated an understanding of the abilities job candidates in Laura's field would need. We showed off her skills in a way that made her the most attractive candidate for the available positions.

OFFER & ACCEPTANCE! Laura received offers from two of the top studios in the industry and was elated. She accepted an offer with Dreamworks.


The GoBeyond team is dedicated to helping recent graduates and young professionals land the right job.

OUR MISSION GoBeyond's mission is to rapidly secure a great job for all the graduates and experienced hires with whom we work, by focusing on individualized, thoughtful and empathetic preparation, then executing with relentless focus to deliver outstanding results and client service.

Michael ReichBenjamin SharpDavid Walrod Chris ReichNadine Damboritz



Michael has met, interviewed and placed hundreds of executives over the past 25 years, as one of the most sought- after executive search consultants in the country. He has developed an unmatched expertise of how to position and match candidates and satisfy incredibly demanding hiring executives and boards.

With two young professional sons, Michael also empathizes deeply with the challenges that young people face and started GoBeyond to help them win.

"I love working with GoBeyond clients. Each brings a unique perspective and each successful placement is incredibly rewarding."
Michael ReichBenjamin SharpDavid Walrod Chris ReichNadine Damboritz



Ben has spent more than 18 years building and growing consumer brands and businesses, while developing a deep understanding of consumer behavior. He recognizes that GoBeyond's primary task is to honor the company's commitment to candidates by getting results.

As a father of two young girls, he cares deeply about empowering young people and providing them with the best possible guidance to succeed in life and in their chosen careers.

"Our greatest strength is our team. We fight for our clients every day and revel in their success."
Michael ReichBenjamin SharpDavid Walrod Chris ReichNadine Damboritz



David is a former McKinsey management consultant, has been involved in high growth companies for almost 20 years and is a seasoned entrepreneur. This rare combination of experience has informed a disciplined and critical point of view in helping businesses grow and succeed, and he brings that passion and commitment to GoBeyond.

With two elementary school-aged children, David also recognizes the value that GoBeyond's solution brings for the next generation of professionals.

"GoBeyond is getting results. I am proud to be associated with the company, and a model that is clearly resonating in the market."
Michael ReichBenjamin SharpDavid Walrod Chris ReichNadine Damboritz



Chris has 10 years of experience working for small and large companies in the financial services and software industries, two industries where attention to detail matters. As the shepherd of the GoBeyond product experience, Chris understands deeply what the graduates go through and works every day to ensure a seamless end-to-end experience for each GoBeyond campaign.

When he is not helping young people get hired at great companies, he enjoys playing jazz music and snowboarding.

"GoBeyond is filling a critical gap in the marketplace. Every day, I see how we're helping our clients accelerate their careers."
Michael ReichBenjamin SharpDavid Walrod Chris ReichNadine Damboritz



With over a decade of experience in client relations and logistics management, Nadine specializes in offering our candidates not only diplomatic customer service but quality care and individual attention. Having handled large accounts, with multiple clients and service contracts, she understands the importance of ensuring each element of the task at hand is well cared for, while maintaining a balance of attention to keep everything running smoothly.

As a mother of two young daughters, she has mastered the ability to be everywhere at once! Nadine understands that our candidates need the platform on which to best present themselves, and how to provide that for them.

"My passion is helping people. Every day, I see the positive impact of what we're doing for our clients. It's really exciting to be part of the GoBeyond team!"
Michael ReichBenjamin SharpDavid Walrod Chris ReichNadine Damboritz



Sean has been an entrepreneur from a very young age and has worked in various industries, from corporate reinsurance to consumer retail. His time as an Apple Store Specialist taught him how to engage with customers and uncover and meet their individual needs. As Ambassador Lead, Sean has leveraged his wide range of experience to help better identify and serve the unique needs of GoBeyond clients.

As a senior at UC Berkeley, Sean balances building and managing the GoBeyond Ambassador Program with writing philosophy papers while also participating as a member of the university's club Ultimate Frisbee team.

"Working with GoBeyond has taught me the power of commitment and thoughtful communication. I learn and grow, individually, and as part of the team, every day."